Helping you move forward…

“Making the decision to see a counsellor or therapist is a very personal choice and meeting someone for the first time can be fraught with all sorts of emotions. Hadassah was recommended to me by someone I trust and engaging with her is one of the best things I could have done. She is smart, insightful and gently probing. I have seen counsellors in the past and none have earned my trust and respect in the way Hadassah has for her intelligence and tenacity. Hadassah’s approach has enabled me to feel seen and open up to being vulnerable in a way that is important and necessary. My journey has been very positive, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Mrs I, Cheltenham

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Hadassah. Her help has been fantastic in enabling me to accept and manage some long standing and painful family issues.”

Mrs S, Broadway

“I can’t recommend Hadassah highly enough. My daughter started to meet with her during her second year of college. At the time she was suffering from anxiety and depression, and would hide away in her room, isolating herself. Hadassah’s compassion and empathy has turned her life around. My daughter completed and passed her A levels, and started at her first choice of university. She has returned to being a vibrant, confident person, taking part, and enjoying in all aspects of university life.”

Ms K, Worcestershire

“My sessions with Hadassah have helped me develop the tools to break down my feelings and work through the anxious emotions. Instead of having the swings from happiness to despair, I feel I am on an even keel now, which makes life much easier to manage. She hasn’t fixed me, she has done something far better than that, she has helped me live a happy life again.”

Ms L, Evesham

“I first met Hadassah 6 years ago when I was going through a painful divorce and enduring a lot of emotional abuse. She helped me enormously during that difficult period when I became a single parent. Encouraged by the confidence she gave me to address issues that I had pushed to one side for many years, we continued with our sessions. Some of the historical baggage never completely goes, but Hadassah helped me get through some very challenging topics. Hadassah takes time to understand what you really need as it often isn’t what you think you need, and is always supportive and constructive. She has made a very significant and positive difference to my life. I recommend her highly.”

Mr L, Tewkesbury

“I have learnt so much through my CBT sessions with Hadassah; about myself and how to live my life with more confidence and understanding. It’s been a revelation and the benefits unexpected and wonderful.”

Mrs A, Cheltenham

“Hadassah has massively helped me with so much over the past year, especially within my stress and anxiety levels, which I feel I would not have been able to combat without her. I would highly recommend Hadassah to anyone who needs help, she listens and really understands how you are feeling and always offers great advice and help.”

Ms O, Broadway

“Our young son was deeply troubled, miserable & highly anxious. It was distressing as parents to feel so out of our depth and unable to best help him. Hadassah however was able to reach him & quickly too – gaining his trust (he had been sceptical and reluctant initially to see anyone), then a real respect grew over the sessions; in fact he looked forward to seeing her as she helped him unravel so many of his worries and gain a better understanding of himself and his triggers/stressors. She managed to support him whilst facilitating methods and techniques he could readily employ to regain some balance, self-worth and well-being.”

Mr R, Stroud

“Seeing Hadassah has provided me with the opportunity to recognise and challenge some of the things which I have carried around for years. Things that were making me feel sad and often worthless. Occasionally it’s been challenging, but it has always been worth it. Hadassah has an incredibly genuine and consistent compassionate nature, which creates a safe environment from the very beginning.”

Mrs B, Overbury